Lisa K. Felske
is the Curriculum Director of Science at HCDE. She has been working in science education for more than 30 years.

Friday, March 27, 2020

09:00am - 03:30pm

GEMS: Engaging Elementary Students with Hands-on Habitats (6 hours G/T update)

Lisa K. Felske
Aquatic Habitats: These engaging life science activities, in which students set up and observe living “desktop ponds” in the classroom, convey key environmental concepts and illustrate the interactive nature of living ecosystems. ...

Staff Development In-County : $125.00
Staff Development Out-of-County : $125.00
HCDE - Science Center 805 Reid Houston, TX 77022-5618 713-696-1891 **Entrance through Caplin Street**
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